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Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup 375 ml


Product Description

Cosman & Webb is a Single Estate Artisan Organic Maple Syrup that originates from an ancient maple tree forest in the Eastern Townships of Southern Quebec.  

Its flavor profile has been described as a light and silky buttery caramel flavor with notes of vanilla and a hint of warm spices.

Like many of the finer things in life: fine wine, really good chocolate and great coffee, a maple syrup’s terroir is its very soul. It is what distinguishes it from other maple products. A maple syrup's terroir reflects all of the various elements that combine to create a unique flavor and nutrient profile.

The Cosman & Webb maple farm is located in a pristine ancient forest with rich fertile soil, and this is the foundation that is imbued in Cosman and Webb Organic Maple Syrup.

The family owned farm, was certified organic over 20 years ago. This thriving ecosystem has since become a sanctuary for biodiversity that is now a playground to the third generation.  The family is fully committed to preserving the health of the forest, which in turn will ensure the finest grade of maple syrup for generations to come.

Health Benefits: More and more studies are coming out showing the numerous health benefits to consuming maple syrup such as anti-oxidant compounds as well as never before seen compounds and possible benefits in controlling blood sugar. See here and here.   When you consider all of the amazing health properties of trees, is it any wonder that so much good is found in Maple Syrup?

Try a bottle and see for yourself!

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Cosman & Webb Organic Maple Syrup 375 ml

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