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Swans Island Wool Blankets, Throw Blankets, Organic Baby blankets

FREE SHIPPING on all Swans Island products ordered from October 20, 2015 until Cyber Monday November 30th 2015 (limited to continental USA and Canada, all other areas, please contact us, we are happy to provide a discount on shipping)

Our Swans Island Collection is a premium collection of hand crafted heirloom quality merino wool blankets, throw blankets, organic baby blankets as well as accessories including wool scarves and wraps.  Swans Island has has been creating hand crafted blankets since the early 1990s, helping to revive the fading art of hand looming and was also awarded the prestigious Smithsonian Blue Ribbon for Craft. 

With a meticulous attention to detail, Swans Island has set themselves apart by creating enduring pieces that blend:

  • autnenticity
  • high quality
  • functionalty
  • timeless beauty
  • sustainability

Finding these qualities in one product is a rare thing in today's throwaway mass production culture.  Each Swan's Island creation is a labor of love, beginning with the wool, which is comprised of pure organic merino wool or a blend of organic merino wool with local sustainable wool.  Because of the origins and the great care taken with the wool, including washing it with organic soap, dyeing it with natural dyes, Swans Island's wool retains more lanolin than conventional wool products, resulting in a product that is extremely soft to the skin

These pieces can also be monogrammed for a more personal touch.

When cared for properly, Swans Island products are made to last for generations, providing an unsurpassed value.  The perfect luxury gift for any occasion!


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