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Why Organic Merino Wool Baby Blankets are Best for Babies, Even in the Summer; The Magic Behind Merino Wool

Merino wool has been prized as one of the world's top luxurious fabrics, often referred to as the Rolls Royce of fabrics.  It is one of the finest and softest wools of any sheep, and yet is also resilient, as is evidenced by its continued use in the world of international fashion.    But this is just the beginning of its magic…


For many, it would seem to be counter intuitive to use wool in the summer time.  Wool is something we've come to know and love during the winter months as it keeps us toasty warm, but wool in the summer?  Well, it turns out that merino wool is one of the best fabrics you can use year round, but especially so for babies.  It is even referred to as "Baby Wool".  Merino wool has a unique ability to regulate temperature, a very important feature when it comes to newborns who are unable to regulate their own body temperatures during their first few months of life. 



Where does Merino Wool come from?

Merino sheep are the oldest established sheep breed in the world.  This breed was introduced to  Spain in the 12th Century and then later spread to Australia and New Zealand and then eventually, in the early 1800s to the United States, thanks to efforts by the US Ambassador to Spain at the time, who brought in what is the Vermont strain of merino sheep.   Today, merino sheep are found in various other countries, including Canada, Uruguay and Argentina.


What makes Merino Wool superior to other wools and fabrics?

Merino sheep, unlike regular sheep, are a hardy breed and are well suited to high altitudes and mountainous areas such as the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South  Island.  They are able to thrive comfortably in extreme weather conditions with temperatures anywhere from 35 degrees C  to minus 15 degrees C  as their wool provides an insulation from the cold during winter months and from the heat during the summer months.


The Magic of Merino Wool

Experts list the advantages of Merino Wool as a year found fabric as the following:


Breathability – it can absorb large amounts of moisture from the skin and transfer it back into the air through evaporation, keeping a baby's skin nice and dry.  Merino wool has the highest ability to absorb moisture than any other fabric, with a 35% absorption rate, compared to 11% for silk and 1% for polyester.


Temperature Regulation – apart from the breathability which helps keep a baby's skin dry and comfortable, the unique fibers of merino wool allow it to regulate the body's temperature.  The long and fine fibers have natural kinks, more than other types of wool and these kinks create thousands of natural air pockets that, as mentioned above, absorb moisture, but also insulate the skin from both heat and cold.    


Odor Resistance – as a breathable fabric, it is able to keep moisture from sweat and odor away from the skin to help maintain dryness.  The chemical structure of its fibers also allows it to hold odor, releasing it when it is washed.


Softness and Fineness – merino wool has reached extremely high standards when it comes to its softness and is considered one of the most luxurious comfortable fibers to wear next to skin including sportswear.  Merino wool is graded by the diameter of the fiber, which is about five times smaller than a human hair. 


It is this measure that determines its softness.  The smaller the diameter, the finer the fiber the softer the blanket/garment will be.  Because merino wool's largest diameter is smaller than most other types of wools, it is soft enough to wear next to skin without any irritation or itchiness.  The grades tend to be




22.6 to 24 microns


20.6 to 22.5 microns

Fine Medium

19.6 to 20.5 microns


18.6 to 19.5 microns


17.6 to 18.5 microns


17.5 microns or less









Elasticity – merino wool has a unique structure that allows its fibers to act like coiled springs that stretch and release back to their original shape.  As such, it is an extremely resilient and long lasting fabric.  Studies have found that these fibers are able to bend 30,000 times without breaking


UV Protection and Fire Resistance – merino wool provides a natural protection from UV rays and is also fire resistant as it retains small amounts of moisture within its fibers.


Versatility - merino wool can be used in different lightweight fabrics and new innovations have led to the creation of merino lace and merino jersey knits.  Because of its unique abilities, Merino wool is being used more in sportswear.


Timeless Elegance and Wrinkle Resistance – merino wool's elasticity allows any garments to maintain their shape and drape, even in the warmest climate conditions.  It is therefore ideal for traveling.


Hypoallergenic - Additional benefits not mentioned in this list, but also very important is that merino wool is hypoallergenic and dust mite free.  It is resistant to bacteria, mould and mildew, making for a safer and much more comfortable sleep. 


Easy Care - One other benefit not mentioned on this list and one  that will be appreciated by most is that merino wool is easy to care for.  It is stain resistant.  Its fibers have a top layer that prevents the absorption of stains and with care and the right detergent, (one that does not include enzymes), it can be hand washed or for the most part, machine washed on delicate.


Sustainability – Merino wool, and especially organic merino wool is a natural fabric, biodegradable and renewable.  And with organic merino wool, you can also be assured that the sheep are treated humanely, something very important to consider.  As well, organic merino wool tends to be dyed with natural dyes that are non-toxic. 


Given all of these benefits associated with merino wool, it makes one wonder firstly, why all baby clothes and accessories including baby blankets aren't made with this amazing fabric.  But what better choice for an heirloom quality baby blanket than Organic Merino Wool, especially when combined with the fact that it was created using the time honored art of hand weaving.  Our Fresh Unlimited Organic Baby Blankets Collection is the perfect, unique, one of a kind gift for a newborn that is sure to become a treasured keepsake for future generations.   

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