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Our Green Policy



In a sense, the “existence” of Fresh Unlimited is our green policy.  We created Fresh Unlimited specifically to provide consumers with access to green versions of high quality conventional wares and gourmet foods that are comparable, and in many cases superior, in terms of quality, beauty, style and decadence.  Ultimately, our hope is to raise awareness about these green and organic options so that more consumers will start demanding that the goods they purchase be sustainable. 

What we look for in the products we source:

Gourmet Foods / Superfoods / Ingredients
Food is always a pleaser, but really good, authentic, food is absolutely irresistible.  We believe foods made with organic ingredients (that don’t contain chemical residues) are superior to foods made with ingredients that were grown using synthetic chemical herbicides and pesticides, both when it comes to their flavor as well as to the impact they have on our  health.  Why else would some of the world’s greatest chefs choose organic ingredients for their creations?

In selecting gourmet foods we first look for Organic and GMO-free products that are made, for the most part, by artisans who have a passion for what they do.  We have not limited our options only to products that have an official organic certification.   There have been some concerns about the politicization of these certification processes, which can be too costly for some to participate.  There are a number farmers who believe in and follow the spirit of organic farming, but just don’t have the time or the money required to undergo the certification process.

We have also become aware of the health risks posed by food processing methods used by most conventional food manufacturers and unfortunately, a few “organic” producers as well.  One such issue involves the use of fats and oils, both transfats and vegetable oils.  We have become aware of the problems with transfats, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of the problems with vegetable oils aka polyunsaturated fats.  These fats are extremely delicate and become rancid quite easily, especially when exposed to heat.  Research has shown that the only fats that should be heated, and therefore included in processed foods, are saturated fats.  This is therefore another factor that we consider when selecting food items.  (The issue of healthy fats versus unhealthy fats can get quite complicated, but we urge you to do some research on this very important topic.  We will also try to include links in this regard in our In The Know section).

GMO Products Are Not Labeled
Unlike in Europe, there are no regulations in North America that require food manufacturers to label their products if they contain GMO ingredients.  According to the rules governing Certified Organic products, GMO ingredients are not allowed.  When it comes to foods that have not been certified as organic, we must verify directly with the manufacturers to ensure their products contain no GMO ingredients.  If a manufacturer is not able to assure us that their products are GMO-free, they will not be included in our selections.

GMO (genetically modified organisms) are also known as GE (genetically engineered) or transgenic.  (See more on the dangers of GMOs in our In The Know section).

Organic Skin Care
When it comes to our spa /skin care products, we look for items made with the purest organic ingredients.  Our skin is our largest organ and it is porous.  This means everything we put on it gets absorbed into our system, including the chemical preservatives that are found in conventional skin care products.  Choosing organic skin care products means that only the purest plant based  ingredients get absorbed into our systems where they can nourish and restore.

Baby Organic Skin Care
The same information applies to babies’ skin, but is even more important as babies’ skin is more delicate and their systems are small and brand new.  We only select organic for babies.

Organic Fabric
Currently, our collection includes: bathrobes, towels, baby wear/toys, golf wear i.e. Polo shirts, ball caps.  When we include such items,  we look to make sure that they are made with either organic cotton, or one of the other sustainable fabrics such as hemp, eco silk...

Cotton is the main organic fabrics currently available.  The conventional cotton farming industry uses about 11% of the world’s pesticides.  Some of these pesticides have been classified as toxic or carcinogenic by the US Environmental Protection Agency.   This affects the land, the farm hands who come into contact with these chemicals, as well as the resulting cotton fabric.

Choosing organic cotton is better for the land, the workers, and those who wear it, including and especially babies.

Home Accessories
When selecting items to include in our home accessories collection, we look for pieces that have either been fair traded, made with recycled material, made with renewable materials and/or handcrafted.  These are items that have been created by artisans who have a passion for their craft and for the planet that we share.

Our default packaging is a “crate style” packaging.  That is to say, the items are packaged in the shipping box itself, similar to a crate where the items are buried within shredding (which acts as a protectant).  We recycle boxes and packaging materials as much as possible.

Packaging for Gifts
We believe that a gift should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside.  Fortunately, there are a number of materials now available that are colorful and vibrant, as well as sustainable.  

As mentioned above, our default packaging is a “crate style” packaging, and this also applies to gift items.  Crate style packaging means that items are packaged inside the shipping box itself, similar to a crate where the items are somewhat buried within shredding (which acts as a protectant).  For gifts however, upon opening the box, recipients will be greeted with a gift card placed over tissue paper wrap.  When opening the wrap, the recipient will see a layer of shredding, within which the gift (item or items) will be found.  This method provides a beautiful presentation, while at the same time, minimizing the packaging materials used and providing better protection for the items.    

The packaging for some of our gifts however will include an option to have them packaged in round lidded shaker boxes.  These are beautiful handcrafted boxes made with wood that has been obtained sustainably and are intended to be part of the gift.  An option will be included near the “add to cart” button when these are available.  


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