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No one likes shipping costs, but unfortunately, in the world of e-commerce, they’re a reality that cannot be avoided.  Fresh Unlimited is however, committed to ensuring the lowest possible shipping fees for our customers and as such, we have instilled a flat rate shipping fee based on weight for orders shipped throughout Canada and Continental USA.


From To Shipping Fee
0 lb 3 lbs $8.95
3+ lbs 5 lbs $10.95
5+ lbs 7 lbs $12.95
7+ lbs 10 lbs $14.95
10+ lbs 15 lbs $20.95
15+ lbs 20 lbs $24.95










This flat rate shipping fee schedule is lower than the actual shipping cost, and are as low as we could make them, but if you know of a shipping method that you feel would provide you with a lower price, or if you have an account with a shipper, we would be more than willing to look into any options you might suggest.

Delivery times
Standard delivery can take from 4 to 10 business days depending on the destination address, and possibly more, in remote locations.  Please let us know by email or telephone if you need your package to arrive by a certain date.  If you obtain a guaranteed delivery date from us and your package does not arrive by the stated date, we will be happy to refund the shipping cost of your item.

General guidelines for standard delivery to the following destinations are:

Califorbnia 7 to 9 days
New York 4 to 5 days
Dallas 6 to 7 days
Seattle 7 to 8 days
Vancouver 5 to 6 days
Calgary 4 to 5 days
Montreal 3 to 4 days
Toronto 2 to 3 days








These are estimates for major centers, addresses in rural areas may take more time.  For faster delivery options, please call us at 1-800-416-0792.

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