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Sweet and Salty Squared


Product Description

One of the most loved food combinations Sweet and Salty now available in a Real, Pure and Unprocessed form.  From the majestic maple trees in the northern hemisphere to ancient underground seabed deposits comes one of the world’s most loved food combinations Sweet and Salty.  Whether on their own or in combination, these two basics are a must when creating magic in the kitchen.  Our Sweet and Salty Squared collection includes one 2' x 2' cube of pink himalayan salt, a half pound block of hard organic maple sugar, a grater and two slate serving tiles with etchings of wildlife for a touch of Canadiana and a beautiful presentation.

Our Pink Himalayan Salt originates from deposits in ancient seabeds deep in the HimalayasUnlike table salt, Pink Himalayan Salt is unrefined and contains its full complement of minerals, making it one of the finest salts available.  Pink Himalayan salt is ideal as a finishing salt.  Though there are some misconceptions out there when it comes to salt, most of these relate to table salt, which has been fully processed and completely stripped of all minerals except for sodium chloride.

Similar to the Pink Himalayan Salt, our Organic Maple Sugar Block is also unrefined.  It originates from the maple trees in the northern forests of Canada.  This means that unlike the refined sugar products readily available in the marketplace, maple sugar has not been stripped of all of its minerals and new research is finding numerous health benefits.   

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Sweet and Salty Squared

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