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Organic Baby Blankets Collection

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Product Description

 Heirloom Personalized Baby Blankets | Organic Baby Blankets Collection


Our Organic Baby Blankets  are hand woven with Certified Organic Merino Wool and will provide comfort and warmth in the softest way possible year round, through both winter and summer months. Each blanket is trimmed in silk and carries the Swans Island weaver’s mark. A baby’s first blanket is a memory that is cherished for a lifetime and with Swans Island, this true heirloom quality blanket is sure to last for generations to come.


see here for a deeper look at why Merino Wool is the best fabric for babies, year round


Personalized Baby Blankets Handmade with Pure Organic Wool: The Finest in Luxury Baby Gifts

Each blanket comes beautifully packaged in a hinged linen box.  Our personalized Baby Blankets are an ideal gift to welcome a newborn into the world and their heirloom quality will ensure they will become a treasured keepsake

Available in:

  • creamy white
  • creamy white/sky blue stripes
  • creamy white/rose quartz stripes
  • creamy white/maize stripes
  • creamy white/grey stripes.
  • gray with white stripes
  • maize with white stripes
  • rose quarts with white stripes
  • sky blue with white stripes


Measures 36" x 36"

Blankets ship within 1 to 2 weeks
(Contact us for Monogramming)

Wool for Babies
Wool, and particularly merino wool, is not only an ideal year round fabric for babies but is the best year round fabric for babies as it keeps them warmth in during the cold weather, but will also keep moisture away from a baby’s skin to maintain body temperature during the hot weather.  This Swan’s Island blanket can be gently washed with an organic soap in a top loading washer (soak and spin but no agitation), then dry flat (do not put in the dryer) or they can be professionally dry-cleaned by a reputable cleaner or they can be sent to Swans Island's to be cleaned as well as for repairs.

About Swans Island Blankets
Renown for their hand loomed heirloom quality and unmatched craftsmanship, Swans Island is committed to preserving the authenticity and traditional time honored hand looming techniques, as well as to using the highest quality and sustainable materials to create modern classic pieces that will last a lifetime and then some.

Returns Unused baby blankets can be returned for exchange or refund within six months of purchase.  Unfortunately, monogrammed blankets are not returnable.




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Organic Baby Blankets Collection

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