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Rallis Olive Oil Organic Icepressed

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Product Description

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Olive oil has been consumed for at least over 5,000 years and has been considered by many civilizations to be a Gift from God.  This is due to both, its unparalleled flavor and its medicinal qualities.  Much of the Olive Oil available on the market today however has been over processed and as a result, maintains very little of these qualities.  But this is not the case with Organic Ice Pressed Rallis Olive Oil, which  is a true reflection of the amazing taste and nutrient profile of the olive oil consumed hundreds and thousands of years ago.  A truly superior Super Food
Each bottle is 375 ml


What makes Rallis Olive Oil a superior Olive Oil?

Rallis Olive Oil comes from a family owned, centuries old olive grove in Greece.  The secrets of creating a superb olive oil has been passed down the generations and the current Rallis family has taken on the challenge of recreating this art by introducing a few changes that, not only maintain the integrity of the product, but elevate it to another level.   It begins with organic olives that are hand harvested and processed within hours using a technique developed by Theo Rallis called “ice pressed”.  Unlike  “cold pressed” olive oils, many of which have been heated to high enough temperatures to destroy much of the properties that make olive oil so beneficial, the ice pressed technique allows the olive oil to remain completely unheated.  This in turn, ensures that all of the nutrients that make olive oil such a precious commodity are intact.


How Authentic is Your Olive Oil?



Organic Icepressed Rallis Olive Oil, the Real Thing!



Health Benefits of Pure Olive Oil
Pure Organic Olive Oil contains a number of life enhancing nutrients from essential fatty acids to anti-oxidants like Vitamin E and polyphenols and enzymes.  Numerous studies have been done on the properties of olive oil.  The following are only some of the benefits that have been associated the consumption of pure olive oil:

    reduction in the risk of coronary heart disease
    anti-inflammatory effects
    control of the "bad" levels of LDL cholesterol and increased levels of the "good" cholesterol, HDL
    lower blood sugar levels
    lowers blood pressure
    protective effect against certain malignant tumours in the breast, prostate, endometrium and digestive tract
    reduced oxidative damage to DNA and RNA, which may be a factor in preventing cancer
    prevention of  premature aging

But the main benefit is the impeccable taste of Rallis Olive Oil.  The olives used to create Rallis Olive Oil are Koroneiki olives.  These come from a "very unique and temperamental tree that has a very low yield, but an incredible well balanced flavor with grassy notes and a hint of spice".  With a near flawless acid profile of .1%  is it any wonder it is fast becoming the favorite among fine chefs and foodies alike?
Order yours and experience the flavor of a truly superior Olive Oil.
For more information visit:
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Rallis Olive Oil Organic Icepressed

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